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The AirWave™ works seamlessly with your current airway management workflow.

return on investment overview 

Are you interested in:
  • Improving patient outcomes?
  • Shortening patient ICU length of stay?
  • Reducing total costs of ICU patient care?
The AirWave™ provides a unique package of real time, continuous clinical information that supports improved, more rapid clinical decision making. Potential benefits may include:
  • Reduced adverse events / improved patient safety and outcomes
  • Improved procedural effectiveness
  • Increased staff productivity
The AirWave™ may help the clinician:
  • More quickly identify the cause of an ETT obstruction and see the effectiveness of an intervention
  • Know when the ETT tip has moved, in what direction and by how much
  • More readily identify incorrect ETT position


how it works

How It Works 

The AirWave™’s sound waves monitor the airway, alerting clinicians in real time of situations that may lead to unplanned extubations, endotracheal tube obstructions, endobronchial intubation, or esophageal intubation.
TOP: The AirWave™ home showing airway management information.

BOTTOM: The Airwave™ waveform screen showing airway management data.

The AirWave™’s airway monitoring system uses an acoustic adaptor that can easily be used with your current airway technology. Using sound waves, it acoustically monitors endotracheal tube placement, obstructions and movement – during intubation and throughout the time the patient is intubated. The AirWave™’s alarms alert clinicians to a wide array of conditions in real time, so they can quickly take appropriate action. The AirWave™:
  • Indicates increased or decreased passageway size in seconds and without visualization, during intubation or monitoring
  • Detects complete or partial ETT obstruction, giving obstruction location and percent of cross sectional area obstructed
  • Monitors small ETT tip movement up or down, including specific cm moved and movement direction

financial benefits

The expected financial benefits for hospitals using the AirWave™ are summarized in a white paper. Sources of savings may include reduced mechanical ventilation time, reduced ICU length of stay, reduced chest x-rays, reduced procedures such as suctioning and bronchoscopy and reduced therapeutic expenses.

If you’d like to see the potential financial impact of AirWave™ use at your hospital, please contact us. One of our AirWave™ specialists will work with you to develop your AirWave™ Economic Model. The AirWave™ Economic Model* can help you to manage and define your expected return on your AirWave™ investment. To develop a realistic model for you, we will ask you several questions about the scale and type of your clinical services and about your patient and organizational needs.

*This economic model is intended to be a financial planning tool with which you can better manage financial expectations. It is not intended to be a contract or a promise.

implementation considerations 

The AirWave™ system may help improve patient care and outcomes, but it also has the additional advantage of being simple to implement, which can reduce user training costs for the AirWave™. Because of its intuitive user interface and alarms, minimal training is needed to understand the AirWave™'s display or its alarms. To assist you with implementation, SonarMed® has also developed these tools to train your staff in the AirWave™'s use:
  • Online pre-training program that provides clinicians with a user paced learning tool to get acquainted with the AirWave™ system and its basic operations before the hands on training at your facility.
  • In-person, hands-on training providing clinicians with a thorough understanding of the AirWave™ system and its operation, to enhance clinical decisions and outcomes.
  • Sample protocols from experienced clinicians who are familiar with the AirWave™, to expedite  your AirWave™ implementation.  

With the AirWave™'s clinical benefits and ease of implementation, we believe that your facility’s level of patient care and safety will be enhanced.



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