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study opportunities overview

SonarMed® is pleased to announce “Partners in Progress” (PIP), a new program designed to foster independent clinical research in the respiratory field.
The PIP program provides opportunities for researchers to conduct independent studies for publication using the SonarMed® AirWave™. Researchers may study the impact of the system on clinical practices and/or outcomes, or they may use the AirWave™ to conduct studies that were previously not possible or practical, but are now enabled by the unique capabilities of the AirWave™.
By increasing the availability of the AirWave™ for research, and by deferring some of the costs associated with acquiring and using the AirWave™ for research, SonarMed® hopes to enable independent research on a wide variety of respiratory topics that might not otherwise move forward. The program is open to any clinician interested in conducting research in the respiratory space.
Clinicians are encouraged to submit study ideas/abstracts to SonarMed® for consideration. If the proposal is accepted into the PIP program, SonarMed® will assist with study costs by providing study equipment on a loan, donation or discount basis. The investigator remains responsible for all other study costs.

For a list of study idea starters, contact us.