AirWave™ user training 
Ready to begin? It’s easy to learn how to use the AirWave™ Airway Monitoring System.

The following videos are modeled after SonarMed's onsite in-service and contain both passive and hands-on components. While watching these videos, it is beneficial to have an AirWave Monitor and Adapter as well as a matching endotracheal tube at hand to be able to physically follow along with the presentation.  If you do not have these items, do not despair!  The videos still contain a lot of great information.  Four of the training modules are specifically focused on using the AirWave in the NICU, while the remaining six modules give a more general overview of the system.
This video training is broken up into modules to make the training experience more flexible.  Watch the entire training in a single sitting, or watch individual segments as time allows.  Watch all segments in sequence to get the full picture, or come back to an individual module for a refresher.  Regardless of your preference, we recommend that you have the AirWave Operator's Manual handy in case you desire further clarification on any of the details.  And if you still have questions after that, please do not hesitate to contact SonarMed technical support.
NICU Module 1 - AirWave Introduction and Technology Overview
NICU Module 2 - Getting Started with the AirWave
NICU Module 3 - Patient Monitoring
NICU Module 4 - Waveform Analysis
General Module 1 - AirWave Introduction and Technology Overview

General Module 2 - Basic Functionality and System Set-Up

General Module 3 - Adapter Calibration, the AirWave as an Intubation Aid, and Baselining the System

General Module 4 - Details of the Home Screen and Waveform Displays

General Module 5 - Other Important Information

General Module 6 - Case Studies and Wrap-Up