AirWave™ Provides Real-Time Monitoring of Endotracheal Tube Movement, Position and Obstruction Delivering Actionable Bedside Information

Hospital Complications with Endotracheal Tubes Drive Serious Consequences and Costs

Neonates have complications with endotracheal tubes1


Of complications suffer serious harm2


Of complications result in death1


Unreimbursed hospital cost per occurrence3

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Neonatologists Believe AirWave Can Help Solve the Problem

2015 Neonatology Survey:
Most Attractive Features/Benefits of SonarMed AirWave


AirWave is the Only FDA Cleared Airway Monitoring System That Provides Continuous Endotracheal Tube Monitoring

SonarMed’s AirWave Airway Monitoring System is a non-invasive, adjunctive device that provides direct, precise, real-time monitoring of endotracheal tube position, obstruction and movement to help healthcare providers detect and reduce potentially dangerous or fatal endotracheal tube related complications and conditions.

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